Vote Yes In August For Solar Amendment 4

The Sunshine State should be leading the nation in solar power generation - but it's NOT! The Florida August primary offers voters the chance to change that by voting YES to Amendment 4.

Floridians for Solar Choice Vote Yes on 4 in August and No on 1 in November
Click here to read more about the Amendments.
Big power monopolies, heavily dependent on fossil fuels, have been waging a strong campaign to defeat this amendment. It has been effective in creating confusion with the public in an effort to swing the vote no in August and yes for their sponsored Amendment 1 on the November ballot. Don't be fooled, Amendment 1 is designed to limit solar power in Florida.

There are many reasons to vote but if you are pro solar (and why would anyone not be for generating power from the sun?) this is an election you must participate in. Absentee ballots for the August primary hit mailboxes this week, early voting starts August 20th and election day is August 30th. Make plans now to make your voice heard by voting:

YES to Amendment 4 in August

NO to Amendment 1 In November

Learn more about these amendments at the Floridians For Solar Choice website.
IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: In Jacksonville, the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) has changed their policy in 2018 with regards to their net-metering program. This will change the net-metering details which will make the overall benefit back to the homeowner different. We are still assessing this information and will change the information on this page to reflect that as soon as we are aware of the full details. Please contact one of our experienced staff members for the latest information on this.