About TerraWise Homes of Jacksonville, Florida

David and Melody Shacter Bring Years Of Experience

David & Melody Shacter of TerraWise Homes

Better Building for Sustainable Living.
David and Melody Shacter, along with their team at TerraWise Homes, are helping families of North Florida live happier, healthier lives by providing exciting new Net-Zero Energy Homes that achieve four key goals for their customers:

Energy-efficient: evolving home designs to meet the ever-changing building standards and energy best practices.

Sustainable: utilizing responsible and eco-friendly building materials and construction techniques.

Well designed: aesthetically pleasing and unique homes.

Affordable: fairly priced homes with energy-saving features that will save money now and in the future.

Many home builders and manufacturers use the term “energy-efficient” to describe limited features or appliances of a home. TerraWise takes energy-efficient past the “bare minimum,” using holistic energy saving techniques at every stage of the home. From the foundation to the roof, you’ll benefit from remarkable energy and cost savings.

Let us build you a forward-thinking home that’s good for the environment and your wallet.

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