Build A TerraWise Home on Your Own Lot

TerraWise Homes will build on Your Lot.TerraWise can builder the perfect home for existing lot owners just about anywhere in Jacksonville.  Our On Your Lot program offers the opportunity to design and build your dream home on land you already own.  Here’s how the program works.

Getting Started
The process of building a home on your lot can begin in many different places.  If you own a lot already or have one in mind, you’re ready to go. If you haven’t found that perfect lot yet, contact our team at TerraWise Homes.  Our specialists can help you locate the right spot for your home.

Selecting A Floorplan
TerraWise Homes has several current homes to select from.  Start with our floorplans to get ideas.  You may find one that is exactly right.  If not, we can customize any plan to create a home that is perfect for your needs.  Our team is ready to discuss your ideas as we have with many other satisfied customers.

Visit A Model Home Centers
There are TerraWise Homes models in Cedarbrook and Historic Springfield where you can get a better idea of our quality and unique approach to energy efficient design.  Touring one of our TerraWise Homes models is the best way to see the finished product and get great ideas got building a home.

Selecting Options & Features
Once a plan is identified special features and options are selected.  There are a wide range of choices when building a new home. TerraWise Homes’ Standard Features include energy efficient items that most builders only offer as options.  We are also Jacksonville’s exclusive Net-Zero Energy builder.  Consider adding a PV Solar package to go full Net-Zero.  No one knows Net-Zero design better or can deliver a more energy efficient home than Terrawise.  The TerraWise Homes team will assist with making the many selections needed to build on your lot.

Set A Budget
The path to your dream home depends on a variety of factors, particularly your budget and the level of customization you want. Our team has the experience and knowledge to guide you through the process.  We have worked with many buyers to help them plan, budget and build the perfect house on their lot.

Guidance From Start To Finish
Building a new home can feel like a daunting task and it is a complex process particularly when not building in an active new home community.  TerraWise Homes can guide you through the process from designing plans, obtaining financing, selecting finishes, appliances, options and upgrades, through permitting, construction and closing.  Building a new home takes several months and varies depending on time required to design and permit a home.  We set a detailed schedule as part of the process so our customers know what to expect and when they can plan on moving into a brand new home on their lot.

Contact us today and learn more about building an energy efficient TerraWise Home on your lot.