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How does Net Metering work?

The question is the same in every place we build, but it is sometimes a different answer depending on how the power company operates. In Jacksonville, Florida, the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) is in charge. Click below for more information on how JEA operates with Net Metering.

Why would I want to have Net Metering?

Net Metering Basics

Why would I want to have Net Metering?

  • Net metering can lower a customer’s electricity bill by reducing the amount of electricity that the customer buys from the distribution company. Net metering allows customers to receive credits for any electricity that they generate but do not use. Some customers get involved in net metering because of an interest in the environment and renewable energy.

What is Net Metering?

Net Metering Basics

What is net metering?

  • Net metering allows customers of electric distribution companies to generate their own electricity in order to offset their electricity usage.  All customers are eligible for net metering.  Common examples of net metering installations include solar panels on a home.  These installations are connected to an electric meter that measures the net quantity of electricity that the customer uses (“retail meter”).  The retail meter spins forward when the customer uses electricity from the distribution company, and it spins backward when the customer generates excess electricity (thereby “exporting” electricity to the electric grid).  A special retail meter (also called the “net meter”) is required to allow for the “netting” of usage and generation, especially when there may be exporting of electricity.

How do you build a Net Zero Energy home?

TerraWise Homes specializes in building energy efficient homes.  Adding energy efficiency to a home is a matter of using smart building techniques.  We can build a Net Zero Energy home by using the proper building materials as well as adding features that not only are low in energy consumption but also may add to our energy pool such as photovoltaic solar panels designed into the roofing and heat exchange water heaters.  There are many methods we use.  Here is a graphic to show some of these.

TerraWise Homes Energy Saving Features in the Net Zero Energy Home - The Springfield 2035.

TerraWise Homes Energy Saving Features in the Net Zero Energy Home – The Springfield 2035.

Will I Save Money with a TerraWise Home?

The simple answer is, YES!  You will save money every month with the energy savings you have in your home.  A comparable home built by any other builder not utilizing the construction methods and energy savings measures we use in our TerraWise Net Zero Energy Homes will have a greater monthly cost to the utility company.  The amount of money saved per month will depend on many factors, but it will be substantial over time.  Enjoy saving money with your TerraWise Net Zero Energy Home!