Energy Efficiency – The TerraWise Homes Cornerstone

Northeast Florida’s Most Energy Efficient Builder

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A TerraWise Home has energy efficiency built in from the ground up. In a nutshell, every aspect of the design and construction places a premium on energy efficiency.

Most builders provide the bare minimum when it comes to energy efficiency and home designs. At TerraWise, it’s the cornerstone of everything we do. A quick comparison of our Standard Features to those of the typical builder new home shows the difference. Across the board, a TerraWise home offers buyers built in savings with the utmost in energy efficiency resulting in lower utility bills.

TerraWise takes it one step farther by offering true Net-Zero Energy Homes that produce as much energy as they consume.

Achieving this requires a combination of energy-saving home designs, holistic energy saving techniques at every stage of the construction process, energy-efficient appliances and an integrated solar voltaic power system.

The by-product is a home that costs less to operate while being Eco-Friendly for a truly Green Lifestyle.

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