Energy Efficient Appliances

TerraWise Homes Suggests Selecting ENEGY STAR

TerraWise Homes installs a GE Energy Star tall tub dishwasher and a hybrid water heater as part of the Standard Features. Other appliance selections are left to customers.  TerraWise Homes recommends choosing highly energy-efficient appliances to save energy and money on monthly power bills.  Here are some guidelines to follow with energy savings in mind.

Determine The Total Cost When Selecting Appliances & Products
TerraWise Homes - Energy Star 3.1 Compliant Homebuilder.Every appliance has a purchase price and operating cost.  Consider both when buying a new appliance by looking for the Energy Guide label.  Go a step further, and save even more energy and operating costs, by selecting ENERGY STAR certified products.

The federal government requires most appliances to display the bright yellow and black EnergyGuide label to help consumers understand the energy efficiency of a product. Although these labels do not show which appliance is the most efficient in the market, they will show the annual energy consumption and operating cost for each appliance making it easy for consumers to compare.

TerraWise Homes mean energy savings which, in turn, means you save money.How to read the EnergyGuide Label

Think of these as similar to the fuel efficiency rating labels on new cars.  The label shows the following:
-Maker, model number, and size of the appliance.
-Estimated yearly operating cost (based on the national average cost of electricity), and the range of operating costs for similar models.
-The ENERGY STAR® logo indicates that this model meets strict criteria for energy efficiency.
-Estimated yearly electricity consumption.
-Key features of the appliance and the similar models that make up the cost comparison range.

Learn more about energy efficiency and appliances on the DOE website.


The TerraWise team is also available to assist customers in selecting the most energy-efficient appliances when building a new TerraWise Home.  Contact us to learn more.