Energy Efficient Features Included In Every Home

TerraWise goes way beyond the typical builder offerings

TerraWise Homes Standard Features CedarbrookTerraWise Homes Standard Features SpringfieldMany home builders and manufacturers use the term “energy-efficient” to describe limited features or appliances included in their homes. TerraWise takes energy-efficiency beyond the typical “bare minimum,” using holistic energy saving techniques at every stage of the home. From the foundation to the roof, our customers benefit from high energy efficiency and lower utility bills.

TerraWise standard features include things like windows and doors with Low-E glass, high efficiency HVAC systems, GE Energy Star dishwasher and complete Energy Testing:

  • Certified third-party HERS rating
  • Blower door pressurization test
  • Certified Energy Star 3.1
  • Certified Florida Green Building Coalition Homes (FGBC)
  • HVAC system professionally designed by a certified mechanical engineer


Our energy-efficient design also makes adding a Solar System less expensive to achieve a Net-Zero Energy TerraWise Home.