How Solar System Communications Gateway Works

Typical TerraWise Homes Solar PV Panel Syetem

TerraWise Homes Solar PV Panel Setup Example.

Installation and operation of the system requires no specialized equipment or unique computer or networking expertise. The MIM is just another device on the home computer network, much like a personal computer. The MIM simply connects to the on-site internet router for communications with the online monitoring and analysis website. The MIM communicates with the individual micro-inverters using the existing power lines in the residence or business.

After the MIM is installed and completes its initial scan, it maintains an internal database of all known micro-inverters at the site it manages. At regular intervals, the MIM polls each micro-inverter for its energy data. Using the site’s broadband router, the MIM then forwards that information to the online data storage site. The MIM also reports any error conditions that affect it or the micro-inverters. Homeowners can view both energy data and error conditions in the online web location.

TerraWise Homes Solar PV Communications Gateway Diagram.

Communications Gateway Diagram

The MIM incorporates power line and Internet communications functions. As shown in the diagram, one side of the MIM communicates with the micro-inverters through power lines at the site. The other side of the MIM communicates with the Internet using a standard Ethernet/network cable plugged into your broadband router.

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