This page includes links to information and companies that visitors to TerraWise Homes may find of interest.

TerraWise Homes - Clear Sky Solar - Jacksonville Installation.The company that provides Solar Panels in Net-Zero Energy TerraWise Homes. Visit their website and learn more about the amazing PV Solarvoltaic panels they produce and the



TerraWise Homes - Independent Energy Star Rater - Jacksonville Building Science.Testing and Certification of all our houses is done through Jacksonville Building Science.  They are independent Energy Raters and provide accredited certification to all the TerraWise Homes during the building inspection period. Find out more about Jacksonville Building Science by at their website.


TerraWise Homes - Florida Green Building Coalition Member Homebuilder.TerraWise Homes practices green building techniques, many of which are found in the mission of the Florida Green Building Coalition (FGBC). The FGBC is an organization developed to help Floridians with green building information. As part of the FGBCs mission to “improve the built environment,” they seek to help Floridians become responsible stewards of the environment.  Learn more on their website. 

TerraWise Homes - Energy Star 3.1 Compliant Homebuilder.


ENERGY STAR is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program that helps businesses and individuals save money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency. TerraWise Homes is an ENERGY STAR builder member and uses many ENERGY STAR rated products in all its homes. Learn more about ENERGY STAR. 



TerraWise Homes has relationships with two quality mortgage companies where our customers can obtain financing. Each offers special benefits to customers financing home purchases with TerraWise. Contact the company or a TerraWise Homes representative for complete information.

TerraWise Homes - SWBC Mortgage Lender.Rick Holmes, SWBC Mortgage Specialist
(904) 440-2950


TerraWise Homes - TrustLine Mortgage Lender.Bill Pappas, TrustLine Mortgage Specialist
(904) 398-6220