Net-Zero Metering with TerraWise Homes

PhotoVoltaic Meters in TerraWise Home

Top: Net Meters show power used and returned to JEA. Bottom: Actual JEA Bill for a TerraWise Home.

At TerraWise Homes, we build energy efficient homes with Net-Zero features that deliver real savings to homeowners and Green Building options that help the environment.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  In Jacksonville, the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) is changing their policy in 2018 with regards to their net-metering program.  This will change the net-metering details which will change the overall benefit back to the homeowner different.  We are still assessing this information and will change the information on this page to reflect that as soon as we are aware of the full details.  Please contact one of our experienced staff members for the latest information on this.

Our PhotoVoltaic Solar Energy Systems offer “Net Metering.” This is type of metering allows utility customers to offset some or all of their energy use with self-produced renewable energy. Net metering works by utilizing a meter that is able to spin and record energy flow in both directions. The meter spins forward when a customer is drawing power from the utility grid (i.e. using more energy than they are producing) and spins backward when energy is being sent back to the grid. At the end of a given month, the customer is billed only for the Net Energy used.

What makes Net Metering systems so beneficial, besides offsetting a home’s energy consumption with a renewable source, is that excess energy sent to the utility can be sold back at the retail price. Usually any surplus energy is credited on the customer’s account toward the next billing cycle. If at the end of the billing cycle a surplus remains, then the customer is paid or credited for the difference.

This simple system is low-cost and easily administered. The program allows customers to maximize the value of their electricity production. In Jacksonville Florida, the JEA offers PhotoVoltaic Metering credits. Click here for more information from JEA.

Our Integrated Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Systems, combined with Net Metering, allows a home to become its own mini power plant.  Added to our comprehensive energy efficient construction practices, homeowners can achieve true Net-Zero Energy Homes.

The easiest way to find out about net metering opportunities in your area is to ask our experienced staff at TerraWise Homes. Contact us to learn more about this exciting aspect of Net-Zero Energy Homes.