Net-Zero Saves Energy

…And Money With A TerraWise Energy Efficient Home

TerraWise Homes Solar PV Panel Setup Example.

Typical TerraWise Home Solar PV Panel System

Any home that is more energy efficient will have lower energy costs.  However, most newly constructed homes simply do not come close to achieving Net-Zero Energy.  This requires a holistic approach to design and construction focused on energy savings, along with energy production.  TerraWise Homes can attain Net-Zero.

A standard TerraWise Home, with its advanced Energy Saving Features, will surpass most all new builder homes for energy efficiency.  With low HERS Index Scores, our homes have lower monthly average power bills than homes of comparable size.  Adding an Integrated Solar Photovoltaic System enhances the energy efficiency (HERS Index of 0 is NET-Zero) with a built-in power generation element providing enough energy on average to create a Net-Zero Home.

TerraWise Homes’ energy efficient design, combined with local rebates and Federal tax credit programs, reduce the time period required to recoup the average investment of adding an Integrated Photovoltaic Solar System.  This improves the return on investment (ROI) and allows for even higher savings over the lifetime of the product.

For example, adding the solar investment to a 2,500 square foot TerraWise Home will result in Net-Zero monthly electric bills instead of the average $250.  That’s a savings of $250 per month for a potential of $75,000 for the usable life of the solar panels, which include a limited 25 year warranty.*

This is only an example and actual performance will vary based on the location of a home, maintenance and lifestyle practices of the homeowners, weather conditions and other factors.  However, when following Department of Energy recommendations and manufacturer best practices, Net-Zero Energy is highly achievable in a TerraWise Home with solar power.

The solar systems used by TerraWise Homes feature the latest technology including micro-inverters providing feedback to a website so the efficiency of the Solar Panels can be monitored in real time and the energy savings displayed clearly for the homeowner.

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*Results vary based on many factors specific to each home and exact performance cannot be guaranteed and is not implied by this example.  See a TerraWise Homes representative for complete details and ClearSky Solar warranty information.