Integrated Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Systems

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Solar Energy in Florida is a logical addition to any home.  The Sunshine state lives up to its name when it comes to offering residents daily opportunities to generate solar power.  TerraWise Homes offers Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Energy Generating Power Systems as an option on any home.  It can also be less expensive to add solar to a TerraWise Home. Our highly energy efficient designs typically require fewer solar panels than other new builder homes.

Many people are familiar with solar water or pool heaters.  An Integrated PV Solar System uses solar panels on the roof to generate power instead of heating water.  This turns a house into its own power generation plant allowing the owner to sell electricity back to the power company.  A PV Solar Energy System, when combined with TerraWise Homes’ holistic energy saving design techniques, offer homeowners the opportunity to achieve Net-Zero Energy selling as much electricity back to the power company as they consume!

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  In Jacksonville, the Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) is changing their policy in 2018 with regards to their net-metering program.  This will change the net-metering details which will change the overall benefit back to the homeowner different.  We are still assessing this information and will change the information on this page to reflect that as soon as we are aware of the full details.  Please contact one of our experienced staff members for the latest information on this.

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Answers to common questions about PV Solar Systems:

Q: How much do solar panels add to the cost of building a home?
A: The cost of adding solar to your home varies but generally is around $20,000.  There are local power company and state rebates plus Federal Income Tax Credits that can help offset the cost.  The resulting monthly electric bills are lower, zero, or even provide credit back to the homeowner from the local electric power company.  Because of the holistic approach TerraWise Homes employs, it is cheaper to add the Solar Photovoltaic Panels to the mortgage and have FREE electricity than to pay the local electric company over time. The return on investment adds up quickly allowing most homeowners to ultimately recoup their investment in a short time period.

Q: When does the Federal Tax Credit for solar panels expire?
A: The current Federal Tax Credit, which is a 30% credit on the cost of a solar system, expires at the end of 2021.  Although congress has continued to extend the credits there is no guarantee they will do so in the future.  So the best time to go solar is right now.  Read more about the Federal Solar Tax Credit here.

Q: What happens if there’s shade on my roof during part of the day?
A: Keep in mind the solar panels are not actually powering the home, so shade will not affect the availability of electricity.  Shade, however, will affect the power output of solar panels reducing the amount of credit received back from the power company.  Shade analysis is a very important part of evaluating Solar Electric Power for a home.  TerraWise Homes also uses Micro Inverters with every system, which help counter the effects of shade.  Shade will affect the solar output which is why the experts at TerraWise Homes carefully analyze the location of the home with relation to potential shade and logically place the Solar PV Panels for maximum benefit.

Q: Do I need a battery backup system for my solar panels?
A: Florida has so few power “brown outs” that the extra cost is hard to justify having a battery back up system. The Grid-Tied system is the most cost efficient for achieving a Net-Zero Energy home.

Q: What’s a Grid-Tied System?
A: Grid-tied solar systems link directly through your electric meter back to the power company and electric grid.  This is achieved with Net Metering, which is a special meter that is able to spin and record energy flow in both directions to track electricity used as well as generated.  So, instead of using a battery storage system, the grid-tied system produces and stores solar power.

Solar power is the key to Net-Zero Energy Homes.  Contact us to learn more about this amazing technology.

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