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Net Zero Energy Home Video Shows Energy Saving Home Design

Net-Zero Energy Home Video ThumbnailIn this video TerraWise Homes’ Founder David Shacter goes deep into the design behind his trend setting Net-Zero Energy Homes.  Learn and see how a home becomes Net-Zero to achieve the highest possible energy efficiency with special wall design, special insulation in the walls and attic, EnergyStar appliances, zoned A/C system, solar power generation and more.

It’s a fun and informative watch from the leader of energy efficient Net-Zero solar homes for Northeast Florida.  Click here to see it.  Then, visit a TerraWise Homes model to experience it first hand at Cedarbrook in Oceanway and historic Springflield.

St. Johns Model at Cedarbrook Video Preview

Video Thumbnail Image for TerraWise St. Johns ModelPreview the award-winning St. Johns Model on the new TerraWise Homes YouTube Channel.  Go inside to experience the innovative floor plan of this fantastic Net-Zero Energy solar powered home.

Subscribe to the channel and get notices when new videos are added.  Several videos are in production including interviews with TerraWise buyers, tours of other models, information on Net-Zero Energy construction and more.