TerraWise Homes – A True Green Builder

Better Building for Sustainable Living

TerraWise Homes is Living Green.

The term “Green Building”has become ubiquitous in the building industry over the past few years.  Unfortunately, many builders and manufacturers are guilty of offering the bare minimum in Eco-friendly products and features while touting the maximum in benefits.  This has led to “green washing” leaving many consumers confused and skeptical about green claims.

At TerraWise, we know that most people are interested in being green.  But first and foremost, home buyers at every stage of the buyer spectrum are looking at the bottom line for real cost/value benefits.  Our Net-Zero Energy approach to home design and construction brings the latest technologies, green building products and energy efficiency together for energy saving homes that are highly livable.

The fact is, when a home is designed to be truly energy-efficient, it becomes an Eco-friendly green building by default.  That’s why buyers of TerraWise Homes are assured of getting a home that costs less to operate with high energy efficiency and fewer impacts on the environment.

A TerraWise Home, with its modest cost above the typical builder “energy efficient” home, can result in savings well above the initial extra investment.  Low or no monthly electric bills are just the start.  Add to that, a more comfortable living environment and a chance to make a difference in the health of our planet, the choice is simple.

Go for TerraWise Homes and go for true Green Living.