Hybrid Water Heaters

Standard In Every New TerraWise Home

Energy Efficient hot water heater and efficient plumbing separate TerraWise Homes from the competition.

Energy Star Hybrid Water Heater

TerraWise Homes utilizes innovative technology for saving energy and water through smart plumbing selections. All TerraWise Homes include a high efficiency ENERGY STAR hybrid water heater as part of our standard Energy Saving Features.  Optional dual flush water saving toilets are also available in all bathrooms.

How Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heaters Work
Hybrid heat-pump technology with traditional electric elements use a fraction of the energy compared to traditional products.  The integrated compressor and evaporator use a fan to draw in ambient heat from surrounding air to heat refrigerant.  Then the heated refrigerant runs through coils that wrap the tank all the way to the bottom, transferring heat into the water tank.

This innovative process creates the same amount of hot water as a traditional electric water heater, while reducing heating expenses by up to 67%.  They also throw off cool air to the surrounding area.  This can further lower energy costs by reducing the heat when installed in a garage.

Contact TerraWise Homes to learn more about how our advanced approach to plumbing can save energy and water in your new home.