Why Go Green?

TerraWise Homes Energy Saving Features in the Net Zero Energy Home.

There are a variety of reasons to go green, but most come back to supply and demand.  Our planet has limited resources.  For future generations to enjoy the same standard of living everyone needs to take action to conserve resources and reduce harmful impacts on the environment.

Building greener homes is a great way to take action.  Buildings consume 39% of energy in the United States alone (according to the US Green Building Council). Choosing a more energy efficient new home is a great way for families to save on energy costs will making a difference for the environment.  Here are some of the other reasons going green with new homes makes sense:

The Environment
Building green with high energy efficiencies like those found in a TerraWise Home lowers the carbon footprint your home displaces reducing environmental impacts and saving trees (among other things.)  Take a look for yourself at a Real Time View of our Solar Panels.

The Savings
Green building can lead to Net-Zero Energy Homes that save owners big money on their energy bills.  This can also increase property values.

Your Health
Green building isn’t just good for the environment – it’s also good for homeowners.  Sustainable design and energy efficient technology enhances a resident’s overall quality of life by improving air quality, water quality and the overall living environment of a home.

TerraWise Homes is a true green builder with a focus on delivering the most energy efficient homes possible.  Our homes go beyond green, offering the option for achieving Net-Zero Energy.

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