Energy Efficient


Energy Efficient Features

Included in Every TerraWise Home
Many builders use the term 'energy-efficient' to describe their homes when in fact they include very limited energy efficiency features or appliances. TerraWise takes energy-efficiency beyond the typical bare minimum using holistic energy saving techniques at every stage of home design and construction. From the foundation to the roof, TerraWise customers benefit from a comprehensive standard features list that includes unmatched energy efficient elements designed to lower utility bills, save energy and help reduce greenhouse gasses that lead to climate change.
TerraWise Homes Springfield Jacksonville Energy Efficient Features
TerraWise Homes On Your Lot Energy Efficient Features


Unlike most builders, TerraWise includes testing and engineering to ensure every home it builds meets high efficiency standards and low HERS ratings:

  • Certified third-party HERS rating
  • Blower door pressurization test
  • Certified Energy Star 3.1 selected appliances
  • HVAC system professionally designed by a certified mechanical engineer
  • Solar Package options for Net-Zero Energy homes

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