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TerraWise Net-Zero Energy Homes In Jacksonville

TerraWise has built more Net-Zero Energy homes than any other builder in Jacksonville. However, this new concept in energy efficient home design is still relatively unfamiliar to most consumers.

A Net-Zero home generates as much power as it consumes resulting in electric bills that net to zero cost for the homeowner.* To achieve Net-Zero a home must include the highest energy-efficient design, energy efficient appliances and a power generation system – typically rooftop solar in Florida and battery power storage. Homes designed by TerraWise are able to achieve Net-Zero more cost effectively due to inherently better overall energy efficient design and already very low HERS ratings.

HERS Chart with Scores for TerraWise Homes
Graphic of Energy Efficient Features in TerraWise Homes
Solar Energy Roof Panels on a TerraWise Home

TerraWise owners who elect to set up their homes for Net-Zero potential participate in the JEA Distributed Generation Program and Solar Battery Incentive Program. Learn more about rooftop solar power and JEA.

While it is impossible to guarantee a home will consistently achieve Net Zero energy bills, homeowners that go with rooftop solar do consistently lower their electric costs. A TerraWise home typically requires fewer panels than other less energy efficient homes, so the overall cost for the PV Solar System is usually more affordable. Savings over the lifetime of the solar energy system can range into the thousands resulting in more monthly buying power for homeowners.

Additionally, Net-Zero Energy homeowners have the satisfaction of doing their part in lowering the carbon footprint of their home to reduce its impacts on the environment. That's real green building that pays real dividends to both the homeowner and the environment.

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*Net-Zero results can vary depending on many factors such as homeowner activity, weather conditions and changes in utility company solar metering programs as well as the Number of Solar Panels selected for the system.