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TerraWise - Jacksonville's Solar Powered Homes Experts

TerraWise has led the way in bringing Solar Powered homes to Jacksonville and Northeast Florida. The Sunshine state is the perfect place for powering homes with the sun. TerraWise makes it easy for customer to take their new homes solar and save thousands on electric bills.

A Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Power system is the key to a Net-Zero Energy home. It uses solar panels on the roof to generate electricity. This turns a house into its own solar power generating station with technology that converts sunshine to electricity. In 2018 JEA launched a new Distributed Generation Program for rooftop solar customers. JEA also offers a Solar Battery Incentive Program for customers with rooftop solar to include batteries for storing excess solar generated electricity. Electricity stored in the batteries is available for power when the solar panels are not generating electricity and may also be available to power selected areas of the home in the event of a JEA power outage. There is also a Federal Tax Credit for homeowners installing rooftop solar systems.

Diagram of Home PV Solar Power Battery System TerraWise Homes
Solar Panels on a TerraWise St. Johns Craftmans
JEA Photo Voltaic Solar Power Meter on TerraWise Home Jacksonville

A Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Energy System, when combined with TerraWise Homes' holistic energy saving design techniques, offers homeowners the opportunity to achieve Net-Zero Energy. A TerraWise home typically requires fewer panels than other less energy efficient homes, so the overall cost for the PV Solar System is usually more affordable. All that adds up to a quicker return on the solar investment and lower monthly electric bills over the 25-year guaranteed life of the system.*

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*Results can vary depending on many factors such as homeowner activity, weather conditions and changes in utility company solar metering programs as well as the Number of Solar Panels selected for the system. Every system is different.