TerraWise Carrabelle Constrcution 105 E. 6th street Springfield Jax

Insulation Crew Working Friday

TerraWise Homes, like many other home builders, experienced extended construction delays a few years ago due to the high demand and labor shortages in Florida. Since then, we have been able to greatly improve on our construction process and establish relationships with excellent subcontractors.

"We streamlined the construction processes, refined our floor plans and focused our subs on scheduling to improve delivery times for our buyers, "says TerraWise President Nathan Lambert. "That said, everyone on the team is committed to maintaining our high level of craftsmanship to deliver the most energy efficient new homes in Jacksonville."

Lambert says homes are

TerraWise Carrabelle clean job site at 105 E 6th St. Springfield Jax

Site Condition End of Day

averaging about seven to eight months now from commencement of construction to closing, depending on the floor plan, weather conditions and inspections. A big part of the timing is having these excellent subcontractors that know our product and have the experience with building our plans.

They also help us to keep job sites in a clean and good workman like condition making it easy for all the various trades to get their work done and inspections to go smoothly. Photos here show ongoing work for the house at 6th and Hubbard on a Friday as the insulation crew worked and then condition when they completed end of the day.

We also keep a steady pipeline of plans approved for lots, which expedites the time between contract and commencement. But even from scratch builds on lots in Springfield, our team is the most experienced home builder with the process required for review/approval by the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission(HPC.)

Contact us to learn more about building a brand new energy efficient home in Historic Springfield. We have a good selection of lots and a team ready to make your dream home a reality in just a few months time.