Publix East San Marco To Start Construction

Plans-Direction Map Publix San Marco to SpringfieldThe long awaited Publix at East San Marco is finally going from the planning stage to construction after first being announce almost 20 years ago! The store will be just under three miles from the heart of Springfield and about a nine minute drive.

Regency Centers pulled construction permits on October 16, 2020. Although a completion date has not been announced, the store could be open easily within the next 12 months. This will improve on access to Publix where currently the closest store is in Riverside and a little over 3 miles and 10 minutes drive.

Once open, along with Harvey's on N. Market St. and Fresh Market on Riverside Ave., this will make four grocery stores within 5 - 10 minutes from Jacksonville's historic neighborhood where access to employment centers, shopping and services just keeps getting better and better.

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