New TerraWise Model Home

Coming in 2022

Carrabelle-C Elevation Left Springfield Jax TerraWise HomesCarrabelle-C Model Floor Plan TerraWise Homes Springfield JaxAfter a long run as the flagship model home in Springfield, the Sweetwater is closing today.  Plans are underway for a new model sales center in Springfield, which is anticipated to open next year on a beautiful home site in the historic neighborhood.

The Sweetwater model was first opened in 2013 with the launch of TerraWise Homes. It won several Parade of Homes awards and has continued to serve interested buyers and visitors to the neighborhood for many year. TerraWise actually sold the model a few years ago and kept it on lease-back from the owner who is now taking full possession.

According to Director of Operations Jac Shacter, the next model will be a new Carrabelle-C located at 117 W. 3rd street. Shacter anticipates construction to start in the next few weeks with the model opening in the fall of 2022.

"We knew there would be a gap in our model center due to the many disruptions and delays resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, but everything is a go now on the beautiful lot at W. 3rd and Laura Streets," says Jac. "However, our corporate office is right here in Springfield at 1334 Walnut St. where we already do selections for buyers and it will substitute as our sales office as well during construction of the new model."

Jac also noted that with many ongoing quick-move homes underway in the neighborhood there will be plenty of opportunities to demonstrate various floor plans underway or even completed homes before they are sold and closed.

Having a Carrabelle for the new model will demonstrate the home plan that fits the most common lot sizes in Springfield. The Carrabelle-C model will feature the latest floor plan and also a new look to the front elevation with rusticated block foundation for the front porch.

Watch for continued updates on the TerraWise News Blog and social media channels as this exciting new model home moves forward for TerraWise Homes in historic Springfield.

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