Help Name A New Craftsman Style Plan For Historic Springfield

TerraWise Craftsman Style PlanTerraWise Homes is introducing its next new home in Springfield and is looking for input on a name. The craftsman style home is the first new floor plan introduced by TerraWise in historic Springfield this year.

All TerraWise home plan names are inspired by Florida Rivers. The TerraWise team culled the list for this new plan down to three. Visit the TerraWise Facebook Page to see the list and leave a comment to vote for a favorite. Everyone voting by August 14, 2019 will be eligible to win a $50 gift certificate to the new Strings restaurant now open on North Main Street in Springfield.

The new name and details on where TerraWise is building the first home for this plan will be announced August 16th.

Thanks in advance for helping to name this exciting new craftsman style home.