Springfield Jax Carriage Home Air BNB Destination

TerrraWise Garage Carriage House Virtual Tour Historic Springfield JaxSpringfield continues to experience a revival in popularity as Jacksonville's favorite historic downtown neighborhood. It's also a popular Air BNB destination with the limited number of available properties seeing high occupancy rates.

Secondary spaces like garage apartments are ideal for use as short-term rental properties. TerraWise Homes specializes in building garage carriage homes for both new construction buyers and existing owners looking to expand their property.

"A garage carriage home is a great way to utilize the deeper lots often found in Springfield and provide extra storage space and coverage for a car while also adding bonus living area, " says TerraWise Operations Director Jac Shacter. "Some of the owners we have built carriage homes for have had great experiences renting their properties on ABNB to offset construction costs and bring in extra revenue."

Jac notes a few buyers have built multiple homes as well with TerraWise in the neighborhood living in one while using the other for rental income.

"The close proximity to downtown, the sports and entertainment district, Jacksonville Zoo and all of the first coast with easy access to I-95 make Springfield a very desirable location," Jac added. "Having the experience of staying in an historic neighborhood adds to the attraction for both permanent residents and visitors."

Preview a TerraWise garage/carriage home and contact Jac for more information.