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David Shacter

Same Floor Plan - Two Unique Homes

We are focused on innovation at TerraWise Homes. Around here that means across the spectrum of home building from design to energy efficiency and everything in between.

One of the things I like to do is work with our architects to design different elevations (the outside look of a home) for most all our floor plans. This allows us to offer great plans in a variety of architectural styles making the same house look very different from the outside. That is particularly important in communities like Cedarbrook to keep the street scene varied while offering buyers the opportunity to select the most popular plans.

Satilla Craftsman & Modern Cedarbrook TerraWise Homes

Satilla Craftsman(L) & Modern(R.)

We just finished two of our new Satilla homes in Cedarbrook that really demonstrate how TerraWise Homes goes way beyond the typical builder approach of just flipping the garage or other minor cosmetic changes. As you can see from the photo here of these two side-by-side Satillas (candid shot with one household moving in and our team working to finish up the other), there is a lot more going on than just having the garages on the right and the left.

Yes, these two homes have the exact same floor plan. But way different looks to say the least. The one on the right has the new Modern elevation "Butterfly Roof" while the house on the left has the Craftsman elevation.  Hard to believe but truly the very same plan.

We will post more photos of these two houses here on the blog now that they are completed and the move-in clutter is over. You can also drive through Cedarbrook to check them. This community is fast becoming a neighborhood now and well past the "pioneering" phase after just a few months. Having all the unique TerraWise Homes' elevations is really giving Cedarbrook a special look from most communities in the Oceanway area.  Top that off with many being Net-Zero Energy homes and it's also one of Jacksonville's most innovative new home communities.

Preview all of the Cedarbrook floor plans on our website and visit the St. Johns model open daily in Cedarbrook.