Jac Shacter and Nathan Lambert TerraWise Homes

Jac Shacter & Nathan Lambert

TerraWise Homes was founded as a niche home building company to deliver the most energy efficient homes in Jacksonville. From the beginning, company founder David Shacter led the team with a hands-on approach to building homes. The next generation of TerraWise leadership brings the same commitment to energy efficiency and involvement in every aspects of construction.

"All home builders have to be great conductors first, orchestrating a complex process that includes participation by many subcontractor players," says president Nathan Lambert. "But here at TerraWise we are always ready to leave the baton at the podium and jump into the first chair when needed."

Lambert, along with director of operations Jac Shacter, took over the day-to-day management of the company in early 2019.  They have continued to grow the business, launched originally in 2012 by David and Melody Shacter. Nathan and Jac have consolidated the operation with a core focus on building homes in historic Springfield and offering On Your Lot construction of TerraWise plans in a defined area of Jacksonville.

Unlike larger home building companies, just about everyone on the TerraWise team interacts with each customer. Jac is the primary sales contact so most buyers meet him first. But customers will come into contact with Nathan and the rest of the team through the construction process and well after their home has closed.

"As a Springfield resident, I am not only hands-on, but also 24/7 right here in our primary neighborhood," says Jac. "That allows me to have a finger on the pulse of homes underway and an eye out for growing our lot inventory in Springfield."

The TerraWise team is also actively pursuing positions in other neighborhoods where the company's unique brand of energy efficient homes are a good fit.

"We are poised for growing our brand and locations, where it makes sense, while keeping our focus on quality craftsmanship, energy efficient designs, highly efficient construction timelines for our buyers and high customer service," says Lambert.

There are a few new TerraWise neighborhoods in the works now and at least one of those will likely come online next year.