Home Occupants Impact Monthly Energy Bills

HERS Rating of a TerraWise Home Jacksonville

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TerraWise Homes is one of the few Jacksonville home builders that actually provides each buyer a HERS Index Score based on the results and analysis conducted by a RESNET Home Energy Rater.

The RESNET report resulting from the analysis is similar to the ratings most people are familiar with on appliances and even cars. It gives homeowners an estimate of the annual expense and savings on energy they can achieve.

The example here is of an actual TerraWise home rating from 2018 for a home using electric energy with a solar power system. Inherent energy efficiency is already well below the standard Reference Home ($939 annual savings.) The solar system saves an additional $790 for any annual estimated energy cost of $423 or a total savings of over $1,700!

It is important to note that homeowner activities can impact actual results both positively and negatively. Items like these can dramatically affect actual energy costs:

  • thermostat settings
  • number and frequency of major appliances used in the home
  • quantity of laundry
  • extended run times of ceiling fans, bathroom exhaust fans and range hoods
  • changing HVAC filter regularly and routinely cleaning the system

TerraWise delivers the most energy efficient homes in the area. Providing a RESNET review verifies this for buyers. But the HERS rating estimate is just that, and homeowners who manage their home according to best practices see the greatest savings. Following common sense things, like DOE thermostat settings and appliance manufacturer maintenance schedules, make it easier to achieve the potential HERS estimates.

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