TerraWise Joins NEFBA Tiny House Community

Habijax-Tiny-Houses-Community-DesignTerraWise Homes has joined the effort by the Northeast Florida Builders Association (NEFBA) and Habitat for Humanity of Jacksonville (Habijax) to build a tiny house community on Navaho Avenue in Jacksonville's Lackawanna neighborhood.

"Our team is excited to take part in this historic project underway by Habijax," said TerraWise Homes president Nathan Lambert. "We are building two of the homes planned for this amazing community designed exclusively for tiny houses to provide an affordable living opportunity for 50 families in Jacksonville."

According to the plan by Habijax, the houses will be 500 square feet and all will have front porches facing one of four courtyards. The houses are intended to be affordable rental units available to one and two person households.

"The architecture of these homes reflects the classic historic neighborhood look we are building in Springfield," said Lambert. "We know this style well and look forward to lending our construction expertise to the project."

TerraWise will be donating its time and effort to the project and working with its team of subcontractors to also participate and contribute to the construction of the two houses. Lambert said the plan is to build the houses within 10 to 14 days over two phases of the project. Construction begins on February 1st.

Watch for more here on the blog as this worthwhile community project continues to emerge.